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    Essay: Briefly explain how the urban legend of Boo Radley influenced the Scout and Jem.
    (Briefly summarize about the many incidents they have with Boo, including the adventures and savings they have.)
  • ## Atticus is fighting for:Court_Room_Scene.jpg
    1. Boo Radley
    2. (Tom Robinson)
    3. Mr. Smithson
    4. Heck Tate
    5. When Jem and Scout made a snowman who did they first intend to make it look like?
    6. Calpurnia
    7. (Mr. Avery)
    8. Atticus
    9. Boo Radley

    1. Who did Scout find under her bed?
    2. (Dill)
    3. Jem
    4. A cat
    5. A mockingbird

    1. Mr. Dolphus Raymond gave Dill a drink of what to settle his stomach?
    2. (Coca Cola)
    3. Blood
    4. Whiskey
    5. Water
    6. Who carried Jem back to the house after he was hurt?
    7. (Boo Radley)
    8. Atticus
    9. Bob Ewell
    10. Heck Tate

    1. What did Tom do to get put in jail?
    a. Murdered someone
    b. shoplifted something
    c. (raped someone)
    d. he was a runaway slave
    1. Who tried to scare Jem and Scout before the pageant?
    a. Bob
    b. Dill
    c. (Walter)
    d. Cecil
    1. What does Scout think when she sees it snowing outside?
    a. The sky is falling
    b. It's snowing
    c. Santa Claus is here.
    d. (The world is coming to an end.)
    1. 38. Who was Tom Robinson's boss?
    a. Bob Ewell
    b. Heck Tate
    c. (Link Deas)
    d. none of the above
    1. Who was the man that sat with Jem and Scout in the court room?Jem_&_Scout.jpg
    a. (Reverend Sykes)
    b. Mr. Ewell
    c. Atticus
    d. Mr. Tate
    1. Bob Ewell was killed by
    a. Jem
    b. Scout
    c. Boo Radley
    d. (Heck Tate)
    1. Why did Jem cry during the trial of Tom Robinson?
    a. Someone was punching him
    b. had something in his eye
    c. (felt it wasn't fair. )
    d. got a sliver in his toe.
    1. How did Jem break his arm?
    a. fell out of a tree
    b. fell out of two story window
    c. (a man broke his arm)
    d. fell off a skateboard
    1. How did Mr. Tom Robinson's left hand become handi-capped?
    a. He was thrown out of a tractor and his arm was run over.
    (b. He got it stuck in a cotton gin.)
    c. It was cut during a street fight and never healed correctly.
    d. He was born with a muscle deficiency.
    1. Mr. Underwood did what?
    a. Shot black people
    b. acted as a sheriff
    c. (ran a newspaper)
    d. ran a funeral parlor.
    Short Answer
    1. Explain what happened as Jem and Scout were ambushed. (goes through the series of events)
    2. What disaster happened at Christmas? (fire)
    3. What kind of church does Capurnia go to? (a poor, black church)
    4. What is the verdict of the jury for Tom? (guilty)
    5. What happens after the trial? (Tom tries to run and gets shot)
    1. Atticus
    2. Jem
    3. Scout
    4. Tom
    5. Heck

    1. Young narrator of the story (C).
    2. Sheriff of the town (E).
    3. Fights for Tom in court (A).
    4. Falsely convicted man (D).
    5. Brother of Scout (B).
    1. Scout is a teenage girl (F).
    2. Atticus is highly regarded in the community (F).
    3. Jem is told by Atticus not to kill mockingbirds (T).
    4. Scout is treated badly by her teacher the first day of school (T).
    5. This is the last question (T).